Steady Eddy, the comic with cerebral palsy, muses about how hard it is for him to find love. He says, whenever he sees a beautiful woman, he finds himself wishing, ‘If only she had a limp’. The AIC was established to preserve our great comedy heritage for generations to come.

There’s nothing like Australian humour, born out of our convict heritage, Anglo roots and cosmopolitan diversity. It’s brought us the likes of Maurie Fields, Elliot Goblet, Glynn Nicholas, Magda Szubanski, Judith Lucy and Akmal Saleh, taking the piss out of our Australia’s unique character.

The goal of the AIC is to build on the resources collected by comedian, philosopher and comedy educator, Pete Crofts since 1964. 

The AIC’s purpose and vision is influenced by what Pete Crofts has identified as the Great Southern Philosophy. This reflects the unique Australian perspective of life, which is deeply influenced by our Aussie humour.

We're not joking

The AIC will store the world’s greatest collection of Australian humour and comedy resources. It will be Australia’s only interactive comedy museum. All that's needed is your support.

Comedy Archives Research and Development Services (C.A.R.D.S.)


Research forms the backbone of the AIC. The AIC has the most comprehensively researched archive in Australia. The goal is to enrich Australia’s identity and foster humour, comedy and laughter across our nation.


The benefits, both personal and economic, of turning fun, play and happiness into creativity, imagination and innovation, are happier people, greater productivity and peace.


A big shout out to National  Storage Brunswick for housing our precious museum collection.