• A world-famous Institute of Comedy, located in Victoria, that attracts as many visitors and students as the Eureka Stockade, the Stockman’s Hall of Fame, Sovereign Hill and the 12 Apostles
  • Interstate and overseas tourists planning their journeys throughout Australia, having the AIC on their itinerary as a “must see” destination because it’s the place that Paul Hogan, Barry Humphries and Billy Crystal rave about
  • Great comedians and humorists from all around the world clamouring to be included in the institute’s regular programs, just as they presently do with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, now one of the world’s great festivals
The AIC's Purpose

The AIC will continue to build on the resources collected by comedian, philosopher and comedy educator, Pete Crofts, since 1964. 

The AIC’s purpose and vision are influenced by what Pete Crofts has identified as the Great Southern Philosophy, that reflects the unique Australian perspective of life, which is deeply influenced by our Aussie humour.

Pete Crofts