Current physical resources

For over 50 years, AIC’s Founder, Pete Crofts, has collected an enormous volume of materials to protect Australia’s humour, comedy and laughter (HCL) heritage. These include such publications as Mo’s Memoirs, written by Roy Rene, first published 1945, and a collection of almost every LP record recorded by Australian comedians. There are also historic comedy props, costumes, games, and ephemera including news articles, scripts, photos and signs.

The collections
  • The Henry Lawson HCL Library of 30,000 books

  • The George Selth Coppin HCL ephemera, paraphernalia and memorabilia collection

  • The Robert King Crawford HCL collection of records, tapes, CD’s, videos, and DVDs etc 

  • Richard Neville, fun, play and happiness  collection

  • E.G. Coles HCL signs, costumes and props collection

  • The Pete Crofts, HCL comprehensive archives of intellectual property​

  • The Norman Lindsay HCL artwork collection


These collections are named in honour of famous Australian, humorists, comedians, entrepreneurs and artists