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Hello laugh mates,

We need your help; just a wee favour.

The Australian Institute of Comedy is shortlisted for a fantastic Victorian Community Grant to create a popup interactive museum of Australian humour and comedy.

This would be a precurser to the permanent museum we’re looking to mount, a first of its kind in Australia, and hopefully it will reside in the heart of St Kilda. The museum will exhibit a unique and valuable collection of Australian humour and comedy books, and memorabilia and paraphernalia, dating back to the earliest days of Australia.


Here’s how to vote

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  • Or watch our short how to vote video hosted by Jack. It’s worth it just to have Jack/Elliot inside your device

Please do the AIC and St Kilda a favour and give one of your 3 votes to our project.

Voting closes 17 Sep 2018.

Thank you for voting.

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