Funnily enough, AIC will be all things to all people

Yes, there will be something for everyone at the AIC. Not only will it be an interactive museum housing the biggest stash of comedy books in the known stratosphere, there will be fun and games for schools, and whoever just want to enrich their lives with a good laugh.  People, and this includes interstate and international visitors, will flock to the museum for;


  • Humour and comedy materials and products, including books, cd’s, dvd’s, mobile apps

  • To enjoy a gourmet cafe 

  • Interactive comedy games

  • Comedy nights, events and competitions

  • Research 

  • Humour seminars

Comedy education and training services
  • Training for corporate advisors to increase levels of fun, creativity and innovation in Australia’s top 2000 organisations

  • Comedy workshops for corporates to increase motivation, productivity, performance and corporate culture 

  • Script writing services

  • Research services, including access to AIC resources and knowledge base

  • Advice to corporations to improve sales results through improved use of humour

  • Stress-relief workshops and seminars

  • Film-making services and consultancy

  • Schools programs, including anti-bullying programs

  • Australian culture workshops for corporates to ensure the maintenance of the unique Aussie culture and the Great Southern Philosophy

  • Booking agency for comedians and other entertainers

  • Cartoon drawing service

  • Commissions to write humour, comedy laugher materials of all descriptions