One of the biggest comedy events in Australian history-by the  Australian Institute of Comedy and the Alex Theatre. 

Hosted by the legendary Brian Nankervis, 8 of Australia’s vintage comedy characters are returning to the stage for a one-off performance at the Alex Theatre in St Kilda.

  • Flacco (Paul Livingston)

  • Raymond J Bartholomeuz (Brian Nankervis)

  • Vintage Ethel Chop (Andrea Powell)

  • Con Marasco (Tony Rickards)

  • Vintage Elliot Goblet (Jack Levi)

  • Elle McFeast (Libbi Gorr)

  • Slim Whittle (Mitchell Faircloth)

  • Pate Biscuit (Glynn Nicholas)

With Bev Killick, playing Professor Beverly Attenborough, who unearths these comic geniuses.